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Video CD


All three Poltergeist films are available on Video CD's. You can check out the Video CDs website. Unfortunately they are out of the first Poltergeist movie. However, still has it.

There are no extras unless you count movie trailers, which aren't of the Poltergeist films.


Information about Video CD.

Philips' and Sony's Video CD (VCD) emerged in 1993. This format didn't catch on with the American market. However it is very popular in the Asian countries. One of the few good things about Video CD is that you can get movies not available on DVD. (ie. the Star Wars Trilogy) The video quality can be the same or be less than VHS. Personally it's less on the Poltergeist sequels. I don't have the first one so I don't know the quality of it. One side of VCD can fit about 70 minutes of movie, so the film is split onto two VCDs.

Poltergeist VCD front cover Poltergeist II:The Other Side VCD front cover Poltergeist III VCD front cover


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