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scene selections

CHAPTER SEARCH for the ML104865 Poltergeist laser disc

Side One
  1. The Star Spangled Banner
  2. The Family
  3. Carol Anne Awakens
  4. Main Title
  5. The Bike Ride
  6. Dueling Remotes
  7. Bedtime For The Kids
  8. Smoking Reefer With The Freelings
  9. Robbie And The Clown
10. "They're Here!"
11. TV People

Side Two
12. The TV People Move Chairs...
13. Consulting The Neighbors
14. Robhie Versus The Tree
15. The Abduction of Carol Anne
16. The Search For Carol Anne
17. Consulting The Parapsychologists
18. The Spinning Room
19. Poltergeist Disturbances Are...
20. Calling Carol Anne Through The Set
21. The Jewelry
22. “She Just Moved Through Me!”
23. Losing Touch With Carol Anne
24. “If That is The Way Out...”

Side Three
25. The Light
26. Marty’s Midnight Snack
27. Night Visitors
28. Robbie And The Lady Leave
29. Cueste* Verde's Expansion Plots
30. Enter Tangina

Side Four
31. Tangina’s First Session
32. “Now, Let’s Go Get Your Daughter.”
33. “Open The Door!”
34. Rebirth; A Family Reunion
35. “This House Is Clean.”
36. Moving Day
37. Bath And Bedtime

Side Five
38. Robbie Versus The Clown
39. Diane Versus The Beast
40. The Beast Materializes
41. The Pool Scene
42. The Expanding Hallway
43. The Gaping Closet
44. "You Left The Bodies, Didn't Cha?"
45. Escape From The Garage
46. The House Implodes
47. Escape To Suburbia
48. End Credits
49. POLTERGEIST Supplement
50. International Trailer
52. Production Stills


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