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Poltergeist was one of the few Steven Spielberg movies released on DVD before his embargo on this then-new video format. Eventually, Steven has embraced the DVD format by releasing a few of his blockbuster hits.

So far, there are three "Region 1" DVD releases of Poltergeist : the original 1997 MGM Home Video release (street date: April 8, 1997 - catalogue # 906039), the 1998 MGM Home Video re-release (street date: unknown - catalogue # 906039) and the 2000 Warner Bros. Home Video release (street date: unknown - catalogue # 65064).

114 minutes
English/French/Spanish subtitles
closed captioning
scene access
Remastered English Dolby Digital 5.1 / French Dolby Digital 2.0 / Spanish Dolby Digital 2.0
interactive menus
list price: $24.98
picture format: 16x9 Enhanced 2.35:1 Widescreen/Pan & Scan Standard 4:3
1.85:1 theatrical trailer
The following features are found on all three discs

The most significant changes are the storage case and the inclusion of a booklet in the second disc. The first and third ones are made out of hardboard, and the second release has the durable plastic Amaray (DVD-SAFE) case with a clear plastic pouch for the cover art insert. The second release has the formentioned 8-page booklet filled with fun facts and information. The third release has the same program content as the previous versions.

First release by MGM

Second release by MGM

Third release by Warner Bros.

First Release of the Poltergeist DVD MGM's second release of the Poltergeist DVD Warner Bros' release of the Poltergeist DVD

The other difference is in the artwork on the covers. The first release has a slightly larger picture of Carol Anne. The “a STEVEN SPIELBERG production” and “a TOBE HOOPER film” lines are in bluish letterings, and the catch phrase “They’re here” is in red letterings. MGM got rid of the catch phrase for the second release, and the “a STEVEN SPIELBERG production” and “a TOBE HOOPER film” lines are in smaller white letterings. The artwork on the cover is now smaller. Warner Bros. used the artwork from the second release and replaced the title with the original style 'Poltergeist' font for the third release.


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