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February 1997

It's Heeeere!

Poltergeist Soundtrack Possesses Retail Outlets March 4


LOS ANGELES - Turner Classic Movies Music and Rhino Movie Music scare up some of the spookiest sounds in motion picture history with the March 4 release of Poltergeist. This CD issue marks the world premiere of Jerry Goldsmith's complete Oscar®-nominated original soundtrack to the supernatural Steven Spielberg production. The soundtrack to Poltergeist was written by legendary film composer Jerry Goldsmith. No stranger to macabre music, Goldsmith won an Academy Award® in 1976 for his score to The Omen, and his work on Poltergeist earned him a nomination as well. This near-70 minute CD includes the full score, as well as several extended cues and previously unreleased selections. The soundtrack is available at retail outlets. Poltergeist was one of the most popular films of 1982 and updated the durable "old dark house" story to the post-Star Wars era of special effects. The film follows the travails of a middle class Southern California family who move into a home possessed by hyperkinetic ghosts. Craig T. Nelson (currently starring in TV's Coach) and JoBeth Williams play parents whose daughter is sucked into the spirit world and must be rescued by a medium (Zelda Rubenstein in a memorable performance). Though directed by Tobe Hooper (of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame), Spielberg co-wrote and produced the film, and Poltergeist displays all the hallmarks of Hollywood's most successful director. Film and television music author John Burlingame's informative notes to Poltergeist include discussions of the film, its production history, and a track-by-track breakdown of its music. The 20-pg booklet also includes Steven Spielberg's liner notes from the original vinyl issue, as well as many rare photos.


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