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'Poltergeist II:The Other Side' limited edition



Composed, Conducted, and Produced by Jerry Goldsmith. Orchestrated by Arthur Morton.


There were two releases (USA) of the Poltergeist II:The Other Side soundtrack. The first release (RVF 6002D) came out in 1986, and the limited re-release (VJF 5002D) came out in 1993. The re-release also has approximately twenty minutes of additional music. Both soundtracks were released by Intrada.

It is very easy to confuse the standard and limited edition CDs. Remember, the standard issue has the inverted cover image and different color title lettering from the limited edition issue.

There is another source of confusion with the standard release. The back cover reads "Manufactured in Japan for INTRADA RECORDS..." Don't be fooled into believing that the standard release is an import. Many American record companies weren't pressing their own CDs at the time this album was originally released, and contracted Japanese factories to press the discs.


Standard Cd

track listing

RVF 6002D

1. The Power (7:42)
2. Late Call (3:22)
3. The Smoke (4:36)
4. The Worm (5:13)
5. Reaching Out (8:29)

total time- 29:22


Limited Edition CD

track listing

VJF 5002D

  1. The Power (7:48)
  2. The Gift (1:58)
  3. Where are You? (2:10)
  4. Late Call (3:28)
  5. They're Back (3:39)
  6. The Butterflies (0:51)
  7. Dental Problems (2:19)
  8. The Plan (3:17)
  9. The Smoke (4:45)
10. The Worm/Vomit Creature (8:07)
11. Back to Cuesta Verde (3:16)
12. Reaching Out (8:31)
13. Carol Anne's Theme (3:05)


total time- 53:31

Carol Anne


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