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Poltergeist II:the Other Side

In the midnight darkness, the Freeling family sleeps peacefully, comforted by the warmth and familiarity of their surroundings. Four years ago, Diane's mother welcomed them with open arms and ever since, the serenity and strength of her home has protected them from their terrifying memories of Cuesta Verde.

Far away, Cuesta Verde lies abandoned and desolate now, swept constantly by an unearthly wind that whistles down its streets like ghostly laughter. A scarred plot of land is all that remains of the Freeling house, destroyed in 1982 by the most violent episode of psychic activity ever recorded.

Tonight that foul wind is howling in the treetops outside their windows, carrying with it the black clouds of a malevolent electrical storm. Steve, Diane, Robbie, and little Carol Anne do not see the strange flashes of light in the sky, or hear the filthy rain as it falls atop the roof. Slowly, it seeps through a skylight, onto a brightly colored toy telephone.

The telephone is ringing now and just as suddenly as it ended, the nightmare is about to begin again.

A rollercoaster ride propelled by the forces of the supernatural, "Poltergeist II: The Other Side" opens throughout the United States and Canada on May 23, 1986. CRAIG T. NELSON, JOBETH WILLIAMS, HEATHER O'ROURKE and OLIVER ROBINS return as the traumatized Freelings, who are drawn into a climactic battle with a dark power that refuses to leave them in peace.

Once again, ZELDA RUBINSTEIN portrays psychic Tangina Barrons, whose strange discovery at Cuesta Verde foreshadows the new assault upon the Freelings. WILL SAMPSON portrays Taylor, a gifted native American who offers his spiritual abilities to aid and protect Steve, Diane and the children.

GERALDINE FITZGERALD portrays Gramma Jess, Diane's mother, who helps her family use their love for one another to defend themselves. Their opponent, the Reverend Henry Kane, whose corrupt power guides the forces of the other side, is portrayed by JULIAN BECK.

Filmed on locations in Southern California and on MGM's massive sound stages in Culver City, California, "Poltergeist II: The Other Side" features an array of spectacular new visual effects supervised by four-time Academy Award-winner RICHARD EDLUND and his team of movie magicians at Boss Film Co. Academy Award-winner TED HAWORTH is the film's production designer, and Academy Award-winner H.R. GIGER has provided special conceptual art upon which some of the film's most frightening entities are based.

The film's director of photography is ANDREW LASZLO, and THOM NOBLE is its editor. Academy Award-winner JERRY GOLDSMITH returns as composer of the film's score. The film's associate producer is LYNN AROST, and its executive producer is FREDDIE FIELDS.

Written and produced by MICHAEL GRAIS and MARK VICTOR, "Poltergeist II: The Other Side" is directed by BRIAN GIBSON. A Freddie Fields presentation of a Victor-Grais Production, the film is distributed throughout the United States and Canada by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and throughout the rest of the world by United International Pictures.


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