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Carol Anne Freelng: Yes. Yes. I'll be good. I love you, too. Good night, Grandma.

Diane Freeling: Oh, mom. You always made me feel so special. I love you so much.
Carol Anne: Mom? Can you put these on me so I can be a ballerina with wings?
Diane: Darling, you can be anything you want to be.

Carol Anne: Hi, Grandma. Do you have wings now? My ballerina costume does. Grandma? Who are you? No, uh-ah. I don't remember. What?
Toy robot: Hello, little one. I am your friend. We want the angel.
Robbie Freeling: Carol Anne, what is going on? Carol Anne, what are you doing? Carol Anne, come on. What are you doing?

Carol Anne: They're back.

Steve Freeling: Who the hell are you?
Taylor: Name's Taylor.
Steve: Great. Good name. Come on. Let's go.
Taylor: Tangina Barrons sent me.
Steve: Oh, yeah? Say hello to the magic munchkin for us, will you?
Diane: Steve. Wait. Wait. Sent you for what?
Taylor: There is no use running. It will find you. You're better off here.
Steve: Let's go. You stay. We're gone. Come on, kids.

Grandma Jess in another person's body: Listen, children. You can't run from this thing. It has made contact and it will stop at nothing. You've got to fight it head-on. Stay together. Be loving. Be brave.

Carol Anne: Come on, Robbie. Robbie, you were suppose to clean your brace and come downstairs now.
Robbie: Shut up, jerko. I'm doing it. Okay?
Carol Anne: Don't okay me.
Robbie: You're a pest. You know that?

Robbie: Don't do that.
Carol Anne: I didn't do anything. You're such an infant.

Carol Anne: Oh, the telephone! Hello? Yes? Okay. Dad, it's for you.
Steve: Oh
Diane: Oh. Maybe it's the insurance company.......with good news.

Steve: Taylor! Taylor, where the hell were you? We're not safe here anymore. My son almost died and you just sit here.
Taylor: I was protecting Carol Anne. It's her he's after, not Robbie, not you or Diane.

Steve: Why the hell won't you leave us alone?

Henry Kane: You can't keep her. I am not dead.

Diane: We're going back to Cueste Verde, aren't we?
Steve: That's right.
Diane: What about the kids?
Steve: Taylor says we go back as a family. We go back together. That is all of us.
Robbie: Do you believe him, Dad?
Diane: Honey, it was real smart of you to hide in the car like that.
Carol Anne: It wasn't my idea. Taylor said it was the only safe place.
Robbie: Dad, do you believe him?
Steve: I do..I do believe him, yeah.

Taylor: They're in grave danger. Hold on to each other. When you find Diane and Carol Anne, band together-that will prevent you from crossing over into the eternity. I'll try to bring you all back. Joined together, the light of the family can defeat him. This is the moment you've been moving toward all your life. The entrance is through the flames.

Taylor: This is an illusion. The Beast lies. Go through the flames now!

Taylor: Carol Anne. It's too late. I've lost her.

Tangina: Thank God! Thank God! Thank God!

Steve: Yeah, well, it's happy.
Taylor: Not yet.
Steve: How will we make it happy?
Taylor: It wants to come home with me.
Steve: You asked him?
Taylor: Yes.
Steve: It's yours. Okay. It's yours. Take it.

Steve: It started right up.

Steve: Bye, Taylor!

Robbie: Dad, you gave our car away?
Steve: Yes.
Diane: Steve, we have no...we need a ride home!
Steve: Taylor! Whoa! The car needs me, Taylor!


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