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If you have any Poltergeist Trilogy related websites that are not listed here, then send them to me. Thanks!


cast and crew

. The Dominique Dunne Site

. Julian Beck

. Tobe Hooper ~ the official website of Poltergeist's director

. Heather O’Rourke ~ Child Actress/Young Actress/Child Starlet -CHILDSTARLETS.COM

. Heather O’Rourke Gallery

. Heather lives!

. Heather O’Rourke Lots of Heather pictures!

. Heather O’Rourke fan club ~ Join and converse with club creator/president Missy, vice president Art, co-vice president Celia, and many fans.

. "Heather O’Rourke, my angel" web site

. Kim’s Heather O’Rourke page

. Joe Renzetti ~ Poltergeist III‘s composer

. Gary Sherman’s website ~ the webpage of Poltergeist III‘s director

. Some Info About Poltergeist Star: Heather O'Rourke

. Some Info About Poltergeist Star: Dominique Dunne

. Tonys Chamber ~ Ode to Dominique Dunne


. Dominique Dunne’s Gravesite

. Heather O’Rourke’s Gravesite

. another Heather O’Rourke’s gravesite

. KF1 AM 640 - Life in L.A.

message boards

. alt.horror ~ A newsgroup for horror movies discussions

. The Beast’s Boardroom ~ a Poltergeist message board

movie and music reviews

. Filmsite’s Poltergeist review

. Poltergeist Findavideo review

. Josh’s Film Score Page

. the New Classics

. Poltergeist DVD review


. DUMPED ~ directed by Oliver Robins

. Poltergeist wavs

'Poltergeist Trilogy' websites

. David’s Poltergeist Trilogy Page

. P O L T E R G E I S T

. Poltergeist F@n Site

. Poltergeist saga

. The Poltergeist Trilogy page

. Sandra's Poltergeist Page

. Scruffles’ Poltergeist page


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