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irc chats for WebTV users

NOTICE:The Poltergeist IRC chat interfaces are no longer available because I got rid of WebTV, which I needed to use to update the interfaces. This page will still be here for remembrance.

These IRC chat interfaces are for WebTV users only. (Non-WebTV users must enter TalkCity through their homepage.) The chat interfaces are connected to the Horror room from the 7003 port and you can join any TalkCity rooms. If your screen goes blank upon entering or while chatting, then clear your cache and enter again.

To whisper (private message, 1 on 1), type the handle AND add a space right after the handle in the "/msg" box. Then you type your private message and hit return. OR you can just click on the "1-1" button.

/msg PoltergeistGuru What's happening?

To change rooms, click on the white ball left of "1-1" and a prompt will come up. Then you type the room's name and hit return.

To ignore a person, type /ignore handle. You will not see anything from him/her. To unignore, type /ignore -handle. You can also click on the 3rd white ball (on the right of the main message box) for ignore, and the 4th white ball for un-ignore. A prompt will come up and ask you for the handle you want to ignore/un-ignore.

/ignore the_Beast/ignore -the_Beast


ball Poltergeist IRC chat

ball Poltergeist II:The Other Side IRC chat

ball Poltergeist III IRC chat

Special notes:
1. These IRC chat interfaces were based on chatrabbit's IRC chats with his permission.
2. There are no Real Audio music stations in the Poltergeist IRC chat interfaces. Use your radio, tape or CD player. They're MUCH better.


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