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These are the most "Frequently Asked Questions." If you have any Poltergeist related questions, then send them to me and I will answer them as soon as possible.


1. What is a poltergeist?

A poltergeist is a noisy ghost. The word "poltergeist" came from the German words poltern (to knock) and geist (spirit).

2. Is Oliver Robins (Robbie Freeling) dead?

There was a rumor floating around the net that he was dead. This is not true because he directed a 1997 movie called "Dumped."

3. Did Julian Beck (Henry Kane) die during the filming of Poltergeist II?

The answer is no. I have researched the magazine articles on Poltergeist II and they all said that he died shortly after filming the sequel.

4. Where can I get the Poltergeist III soundtrack?

You can get the Poltergeist III soundtrack from the GEMM website or you can wait patiently for one to appear on the eBay auctions.

5. Why isn't Nathan Davis in the Obituaries page?

A widely believed rumour had Nathan Davis passing away during surgery. During research to validate this rumour, I stumbled upon a website that fully explains the truth that Nathan Davis is not only still alive, but has even appeared in an episode of E.R.

6. Was that really Heather O'Rourke at the end of Poltergeist 3?

No, it was her stand-in. Heather died before the ending was shot. Poltergeist 3's director Gary Sherman didn't want to finish the film, but MGM was going to hire another director to finish it for him. Not wanting another person finishing his film, he shot a different ending.

This has been confirmed. I emailed Poltergeist 3's director Gary Sherman about this, and he told me that a fellow Poltergeist fan had asked the same question. He told me to ask that fan to forward his answer. Gary's email had solved a lot of questions about Heather's stand-in in the ending and the alternate ending.

7. Where I can buy the Poltergeist clown?

The clown wasn't available for purchase. Doll maker Annette Little made four copies of the Poltergeist clown. Three of them were made for the movie. Annette made the fourth clown for herself with MGM's permission. It was reportedly on display at her San Diego store, "Here Come The Clowns."


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