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The front page when the poster is folded

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and finally the back cover...

Steven Spielberg has been called the American screen's master story-teller. From the thrashing terror of "Jaws" to the awesome spectacle of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" to the globe-trotting adventure of "Raiders of the Lost Ark," he has delighted, mystified and scared more audiences...more imaginatively...than any filmmaker of our time.

As producer and co-author of "Poltergeist," Spielberg is joined by co-producer Frank Marshall, with whom he made "Raiders of the Lost Ark," co-authors Michael Grais and Mark Victor, director Tobe Hooper, and the special effects wizardry of Oscar winner Richard Edlund ("Star Wars") and George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic.

In "Poltergeist," they cross a frightening new threshold, encountering forces which baffle science, defy reason...and turn the once peaceful lives of a normal American family into terrifying and utter chaos.


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