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'Poltergeist II:the Other Side'


Once it was a beautiful neighborhood, filled with the sounds of children at play. Today, Cuesta Verde lies abandoned and overgrown with weeds, a place where only the sound of the wind can be heard. A scarred plot of land is all that remains of the Freeling home, destroyed in 1982 by one of the most violent episodes of psychic activity ever recorded.

Steve and Diane Freeling, along with their children and their faithful retriever, E. Buzz, have lived with Diane's mother, Grandma Jess, in Phoenix, Arizona ever since. Today, their love for one another grows stronger with the knowledge that the nightmare has ended. Or has it? For when little Carole Ann picks up her toy telephone one night, she makes a horrifying discovery - "They're BACK!"

On May 13, 1985, production of "Poltergeist II:the Other Side" began under the direction of BRIAN GIBSON ("Breaking Glass"), for executive producer FREDDIE FIELDS and writers/producers MARK VICTOR and MICHAEL GRAIS ("Poltergeist").
CRAIG T. NELSON, JOBETH WILLIAMS, HEATHER O'ROURKE and OLIVER ROBINS return as the terrorized Freelings, who are drawn back to Cuesta Verde in a climactic battle with the forces of darkness. They are joined by a powerful supporting cast that includes WILL SAMPSON, ZELDA RUBINSTEIN, JULIAN BECK, and GERALDINE FITZGERALD.

Filmed on locations in Southern California and on the massive sound stages of famed MGM Studios in Culver City, "Poltergeist II" will feature an array of spectacular new visual effects supervised by four-time Academy Award-winner RICHARD EDLUND ("Poltergeist," "Ghostbusters"). Academy Award-winner TED HAWORTH ("War of the Worlds") is the film's production designer, and H.R. GIGER ("Alien") has provided the filmmakers with special visualizations upon which the denizens of "the other side" are based.

The film's director of photography is ANDREW LAZLO ("Streets of Fire"), and THOM NOBLE ("Red Dawn") is the film's editor. JERRY GOLDSMITH ("Poltergeist") returns as composer of the film's score.

Edlund's team of visual effects magicians, collectively known as the Boss Film Co., includes art director JOHN BRUNO ("Poltergeist," "Ghostbusters," "Fright Night"); creature shop design coordinator STEVE JOHNSON ("Fright Night," "Ghostbusters," "An American Werewolf in London"); model shop supervisor MARK STETSON ("2010," "Ghostbusters," "Bladerunner"); animation supervisor and cloud tank supervisor GARRY WALLER ("Poltergeist," "Ghostbusters," "E.T."); optical department supervisor MARK VARGO ("Ghostbusters," "Poltergeist," "Dragonslayer"); and chief matte artist MATTHEW YURICICH ("Ghostbusters," "Brainstorm," "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"). NEIL KREPELA ("Poltergeist," "Ghostbusters," "Return of the Jedi") serves as director of visual effects photography/motion-control photography, and WILLIAM NEIL ("Poltergeist," "Ghostbusters," "Fright Night") as director of visual effects photography.

A Freddie Fields Presentation of a Victor-Grais Production, "Poltergeist II: The Other Side" will be released worldwide on May 23, 1986. The film will be distributed throughout the United States and Canada by MGM/UA Entertainment Co., and throughout the rest of the world by United International Pictures.


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