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Official Movie Poster Magazine (England)

This magazine contains 16 pages, 7 of which have information about the movie on one side. Essentially, this is a re-packaged small press kit with colorful production and heavily edited articles ("Poltergeist is a tale of terror that could happen to you," "The Production," "The Filmmakers," "The Actors," "What is a Poltergeist?" and "Some notable Poltergeists" were taken from the Poltergeist press kit). The magazine folds out into a 33" x 23" poster (printed on the reverse side) showing Carol Anne screaming, with the tag line "they're here" beneath her. The POLTERGEIST logo and tag line, "it knows what scares you", appear in the middle. At the bottom is the familiar image of the Cuesta Verde neighborhood.

Published and Produced by walkerprint Publications London 01-580 7031

Newstrade distribution: WELLS GARDNER DARTON & CO LTD. Tel: 029 383 4444

Cinema distribution and special promotions: PACIFIC MARKETING & DISTRIBUTION LTD, 4-6 Whites Grounds, London SE1. Tel: 01-403 6717


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