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ball an Interview with Producer Frank Marshall

ball Film: 'Poltergeist' From Spielberg

ball 'Poltergeist' laser disc scarier than everl

ball 'Poltergeist' curse? The death of Heather O'Rourke

ball News Bytes:a collection of small articles related to the Poltergeist trilogy

ball News Bytes:more small articles related to the Poltergeist trilogy

ball News Bytes:even more small articles!

ball Writer/producers Michael Grais and Mark Victor know what scares you-further frights for the Freeling family in this supernatural sequel

ball Snatched By Poltergeist's Demons, Heather O'Rourke Gets Some Bad News-They're Here Again

ball Movie Review: 'POLTERGEIST II' is haunted by 'POLTERGEIST I'

ball JoBeth's Ghost Story

ball 'Poltergeist' Star Heather O'Rourke Dies at Age of 12

ball TRIBUTE: Death Claims Heather O'Rourke, The Angelic Child Who Chased Away Demons in POLTERGEIST

ball Suit Blames Doctors in Death of Young Actress

ball Poltergeist III: Chicagoan Gary Sherman helmed the new sequel minus the usual optical effects trickery.

ball Just as her daughter's last movie, Poltergeist III, is released, Heather O'Rourke's mother files a wrongful-death lawsuit claiming the 12-year-old star was misdiagnosed

ball With the death of the child star in "Poltergeist III," MGM movie marketers are facing delicate task of selling the latest take on the Freeling family.

ball Heather O'Rourke; 12-Year-Old Starred In 'Poltergeist' Films


Here are some of the magazines where I got the Poltergeist related articles and information.

People magazine Famous Monsters magazine Entertainment Weekly magazine Cinefantastique magazine


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